5 Reasons to Open Your Business on Collins Road

As the main retail corridor in Cedar Rapids, Collins Road is uniquely poised to help a new business succeed or an old business grow. From its convenient location to its rapid evolution over the last few years, here are five reasons why Collins Road offers that perfect location you’ve been looking for.

1) Easy Access

Collins Road is just a stone’s throw from I-380 and is easy to get to from exit 24A, a bonus for any business that hopes to bring in customers from other cities. The promise of hassle-free access can help drive traffic to your business both from out of town and other areas of Cedar Rapids, as the street is an easy drive from other parts of town. Planned construction will add pedestrian connectivity, improve the pavement and ease congestion, all crucial features in encouraging people to visit Collins Road businesses.

2) Proximity

Thanks to its location just off of I-380, Collins Road is a quick drive from major local employers like Rockwell Collins and AEGON USA, as well as three sizable academic institutions (The University of Iowa, Coe College and Mount Mercy University) and popular hotels and conference facilities. That means a built-in audience for most types of businesses that might open in this area. People who work or study near Collins Road may want to skip out to your establishment over lunch to run errands or grab a bite to eat, while people who are visiting Cedar Rapids on business for a couple of days may decide to go out for drinks with colleagues after a day of meetings or check out some local stores they can’t find at home.

3) Redevelopment

This area of town is constantly evolving, especially in the last few years. Redevelopment north of Lindale Mall has attracted new offerings by restaurants, stores and more. Could your business could be the next to grow in this booming locale? Explore the spots that are currently available with a commercial real estate agent and envision how your business might fit into the Collins Road landscape.

4) Thriving Neighbors

Collins Road is packed with successful spas, retailers and cultural attractions with dedicated regulars who might be enticed to check out your establishment while they’re already in the area to visit their favorites. What can your business bring to the area? Are you offering services that could complement your next-door neighbors in a way that’s attractive to potential customers? If so, think about looking for space on Collins Road. The sheer variety of shopping and services on this stretch offer something for everyone, so it’s the perfect place for your business to find its own niche.

5) Character

To open your business in Cedar Rapids is to embrace a unique local culture that’s heavily influenced by the city’s ethnic history and industrial past, its inspiring recovery from the flood of 2008, and the sturdy crop of booming small businesses that are determined to make an impact. Become part of that story by opening your business in Cedar Rapids’ main artery for retail.