Ahmann Companies: Your One-Stop Solution for Real Estate

When you partner with Ahmann Companies, you’re not just getting a dedicated commercial real estate team. You’re joining forces with a vertically integrated business powerhouse that’s ready to leverage all of its in-house services to serve your design, engineering, building and management needs. Meet the Ahmann Companies team and see how their combined expertise can work for you.

Q4 Real Estate

The key to Q4 Real Estate is right there in the name – they’re ready to pivot if that’s what’s needed to keep you competitive when you’re trying to buy, sell, lease or manage your commercial property. If a conventional strategy isn’t working for you, they’re ready to explore creative and unconventional avenues to solve your problems. Pivot specializes in commercial sales and leasing and is positioned to design, build and fill your new or remodeled development, whether you’re looking to create, sell or manage retail, office, industrial, warehouse or multifamily. And unlike other companies, Pivot won’t just show you listings owned by Ahmann Companies; their team is happy to show you all of your options, whether Ahmann Companies owns it or not. The most important thing is finding you the right solution at the right price.

Compass Commercial Services

This general contractor doesn’t stop at construction management and building – they can also walk you through your financing options, handle city processes for you and even apply for grants to help bring down the cost of your project. The Compass team famously asks lots of questions to determine exactly what your needs are. That’s because every client is unique and boilerplate strategies don’t work for everyone. Creating a customized solution for each client means finding the needs you didn’t even know you had, helping you find answers for them, and developing financial options that will work with your budget. Sharing an office with Fusion Architects means they can also serve as part of a design-build duo while also providing on-site construction management.

Fusion Architects

Fusion is all about blending the skills and talent of diverse experts to develop the best solution for your commercial architecture project. They’re ready to shepherd your project from design to execution to maintaining the property after the building is done. Looking for a unique look for your building or tenant improvement design? Explore Fusion Architects’ portfolio to see the unique solutions they’ve created for other clients, from the gleaming, amenity-packed Watts Group Office in Coralville to the Clock House, a mixed-use and multifamily residential project in the old Furniture Mart that now houses the Black Sheep restaurant and custom condos.

Ahmann Design

Not only is Ahmann Design one of the leading residential design firms in Iowa, it’s one of the best in the U.S. Designing your new home with Ahmann Design gives you access to a portfolio of more than 1,000 stock house plans and an experienced design team who can create the home you dreamed of, whether that’s based on a stock plan or a design created completely from scratch. The sky is the limit when you’re building your new home.

Why Partner with Ahmann Companies?

It’s simple. Having your architect, builder, master planner and draftsmen under one roof saves time and money in several ways. The same team shepherds your project through the entire design, building and management process, so nothing can get lost in translation no matter where you are in the cycle – even if an unexpected hurdle pops up. Ahmann Companies also bundles fees as a way of value-engineering their own work, which saves a significant amount when you need multiple services.

Ready to get started? Reach out today and see what Ahmann Companies can do for you.