Commercial Real Estate Office Interior Design Trends Part II

Q4 Real Estate’s Craig Byers brings you another informational video. Craig sits down with Hannah Hughes, Interior Designer from Fusion Architects, to discuss Commercial Office Interior Design Trends. This is Part II of the series with Hannah, so make sure you check out Part I for more trends in interior office design.

(Hannah) Some trends that we are seeing right now, an overall softening of the space is happening in design and that can be in so many different ways. A big way right now is acoustics and softening the sound of a space. So really adding in those more quiet areas. It could be in a ceiling material with baffles or clouds of different shapes and sizes. It could be wall materials. Definitely furniture or even lighting fixtures. That can really help with acoustics and softening that sound and add back in a level of privacy into the offices.

(Hannah) Where we’ve seen a lot of open offices moving towards again that more private and adding the spaces in really softening the acoustics of the space. We also see kind of softer forms and shapes in patterns, in materials and finishes, that way. Also in the architecture itself, arches are being used. It could be seen in forms of reception desks, really adding in those soft curved lines and kind of moving away from those harsher straight lines. A little bit of a contrast to that.

(Hannah) Another design trend that has been in design for a really long time is bringing nature inspired design. Biophilia is huge and that continues to be a design trend. The benefits to a person’s wellness is really huge and so that trend is still going. Putting in daylight, greenery, natural living plants as well as using colors inspired by nature. Speaking of colors, we see lots of different design trends with color. They move through all the time and they always rotate but right now we are seeing a lot of warm colors and warmer neutrals. So where we were seeing a lot of cool grays, cool wood tones, its moving more towards those natural tones of wood and natural materials. So a lot of warmth. A lot of the neutral colors again are warmer, and even things like dusty pastels and blush are being used as a neutral. So that’s a new trend we are seeing as well.

(Hannah) Another huge trend right now is the use of texture in finish and materials in a space. So really adding that visual depth and dimension to a space. That could be a wall material with a natural stone or an exposed brick, or carpet material. Even on the furniture the textiles that are being used, adding in that texture and that visual dimension really adds character and personality to a space. I think any space that has a distinct character is really fun, so we are also seeing bold pops of pattern, really large scale patterns, bold pops of color against a neutral background, as well as mixing old and new elements. So really bringing that character and that distinct personality to a space is a really huge trend right now.

(Hannah) The last note on trends, I recently read an interview where the designer was asked what trends she thinks are out and which trends she thinks are over. She said that the trend she thinks is over now is judgment. Nothing is out. She said if you enjoy it and if you love it, use it. I completely agree. With trends, what works in one space or one project might not work in the next, and I feel that’s the really cool thing about being a designer. We get to work with all these different companies and all these different clients to really make a space that works for them, and represents their company and what feels authentic to them. A place that they will love!

(Craig) Perfect. That’s a lot of information. A lot of useful and good information and I appreciate your time today. If any of you out there have any further questions for Hannah, or if you yourself or your office would like to sit down with her to discuss office trends. Whether you are building a new office or going through a renovation, feel free to reach out to myself or Hannah and we can get you as much information as you need.

(Craig) Everybody have a great day and we hope to hear from you. Thank you very much!

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