5 Reasons to bring your business to the Corridor

Where you locate your business is important, and can have a significant impact on your future success. In the modern corporate landscape there are a range of criteria that business owners need to consider when opting for a suitable location and region. Every region, every city, every state will have its own different conditions and environments, each offering something for the business owner to consider. But for an increasing number of businesses, the Corridor region in Iowa is ticking all the right boxes for providing companies a chance at sustainable growth and long-term prosperity.

In this article, we’ll explore five key reasons why the Corridor can provide the ideal environment for your business.

Designed around twenty-first century needs

Located between Iowa City, North Liberty and Cedar Rapids, the corridor has grown to become a hub for business and retail organisations, drawn to the region’s progressive approach to commercial growth in the twenty-first century. By embracing the evolution of modern technology and innovation, the region offers a vibrant and diverse business community, where hi-tech, commercial, and non-profit organizations work alongside each other in perfect synergy.

A Home for Enterprise & Growth

Thanks to this progressive and innovative business environment, the Corridor boasts more than 30 Fortune 500 companies, who have deemed the region ideal to base operations. Having such vibrant, successful, and fast-growing businesses in the region helps foster the overall culture for success.


A key driver for some of the most high-profile businesses in the US is the need to operate in environments able to deliver ‘cleaner’ alternative energy sources. This is essentially due to the combination of volatile fossil fuel prices and the heightening awareness over pollution and ecological issues. When faced with such concerns then the Corridor, and Iowa as a whole, becomes an incredibly viable option for locating your business; ranking 1st in the US for clean energy procurement.

Quality of Life

The success of your business can depend heavily on the well-being and enthusiasm of your employees. And key to this is having operations located in a region that offers a quality work-life balance. Something that the Corridor has been able to offer in abundance as the region has developed over the past decade. The Corridor offers a clean, peaceful, local community feel. With a strong focus on art and culture, outdoor life and exceptional health and education facilities, it’s a region that offers a high-quality lifestyle, that pays dividends for your business.

Vibrant Business Community

Overall, the Corridor offers a vibrant business community that’s focused on growing opportunities into the foreseeable future. From regular events that cross the corporate-cultural divide (from real estate conventions to storytelling seminars) there’s a genuine environment of inclusivity and engagement within the region. From its inception in 2008, the Corridor has been founded upon the vision and principles of developing a community that is focused on enhancing economic development, while ensuring that there’s an infrastructure in place to develop a long-standing sense of community and pride in the region.

From cost-effective, sustainable energy, to the zeal for innovation, technology, and enterprise; notwithstanding a heritage of artistic and cultural excellence, the Corridor offers a thoroughly modern landscape, ideally suited to locate businesses of all kinds. Offering a quality of life for staff, and an environment primed to deliver growth and prosperity into the future.

To discuss relocating your business to or within the corridor, please contact Craig Byers at 319-360-7017 or cbyers@Q4realestate.com.