Explore the Czech Village
Commercial Real Estate of Czech ViillageThe third Czech settlement area in Cedar Rapids, the historic Czech Village neighborhood was once the main shopping area for thousands of Czech, Moravian and Slovak immigrants and their descendants. It earned its moniker in October 1975 at the urging of the Czech Heritage Foundation and now serves as a regional hub for dining, shopping and culture with its locus at 16th Avenue SW and 3rd Street. Could the Czech Village be a match for your business? Get to know the area and see how well the neighborhood might fit.

Who goes to the Czech Village?
The Czech Village is a local and regional destination for a variety of reasons. Chief among them: the entertainment options. Foodies love local treasures like the Village Meat Market and Cafe, while shopaholics will find no shortage of boutiques and shops to satisfy discerning shoppers. Village fixtures like Frog Pub and Eatery (formerly Al’s Red Frog, a Cedar Rapids staple since 1981) provide a central location to gather with friends after a long day.

What other businesses are in the Czech Village?
As part of a partnership with the New Bohemia neighborhood, the Czech Village hosts a wide spectrum of Commercial Real Estate Czech Villagesmall local businesses, including venues for arts, culture and entertainment, eateries, a brewery and plenty of shops. This thriving area is home to everything from vital services like accounting and hairstyling to establishments like Harlequin Home, which sells vintage furniture and home accessories and just celebrated the first anniversary of its summer 2016 opening.

What events draw tourists in?
Annual festivals like Houby Days, 319 Fest and Revival on the River offer opportunities to participate or act as a sponsor. Popular events like these are a magnet for tourists, and that means a great way to get your name in front of people who are eager to explore what the area has to offer. In the case of Houby Days, for example, consider participating in the annual button sales. Participants purchase a commemorative button for $2 that entitles the bearer to specials and discounts at participating businesses. If your storefront is new in the area, an attractive discount could be just the thing to convince people to check out your store for the first time.

How could my business complement the Czech Village?
Do you have a unique offering that would fit in alongside the wide variety of establishments in the Czech Village? Are you willing to do your part to preserve the area’s historic character and distinct character? If so, the Czech Village is likely a great fit for your business. Local, state and federal grants are available to help you set up shop, and the Main Street program stands at the ready to assist with market analysis to improve your business, design guidelines to make sure your corner of Czech Village blends in with the rest, a list of available properties that you can consider, and more.