First Floor Commercial Shell Space For Lease at The Hub in Northeast Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Q4 Commercial Real Estate’s Craig Byers and Luke Rogers are on-site at The Hub, a brand new mixed use development located in northeast Cedar Rapids, Iowa in the Mount Mercy University and Coe College district. Craig and Luke highlight the first floor commercial shell space available for lease, compatible uses, and other surrounding amenities in the area.

(Craig) Morning everyone! I am Craig Byers and this is Luke Rogers and we are with Q4 Real Estate. (Craig) How are you doing this morning Luke? (Luke) Doing pretty good Craig. Do you want to tell people where we are at this morning? (Craig) We are out at The Hub. The Hub is an apartment complex that we are developing in the college district in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This development is sandwiched in between Mount Mercy University and Coe College.

(Luke) Do you want to tell people how many residential units we are thinking here? (Craig) Sure, when the development is completed we will have over 215 market rate apartment units and it will be a mix of studios, one bedrooms and two bedrooms. (Luke) Is there going to be some commercial space here? (Craig) There will be a little bit of commercial space, about 6,000 square feet located on the first floor of one of the buildings. Some good prospective tenants might be a coffee shop, quick service restaurant, maybe a little convenience store, or a bike store because we are right off of the bike stop. Any service based tenant that would want to be able to service more than about 350 people here when it is all said and done.

(Luke) I don’t know if you touched on this or not Craig but when is this development going to be completed? (Craig) It’s going to be phased and staged in so we are probably looking for a final completion date around the first or second quarter of 2024. If you look behind me, we have the Mount Mercy University track and field, baseball and football stadium. (Craig) So this development offers some great views of Mount Mercy Athletics. If you are interested in either leasing an apartment or maybe leasing some commercial space, feel free to give Luke or I a call at 319-294-3339. Have a great day! (Luke) Thanks!

You can watch the informational video, The Hub, Brand New Mixed Use Development in northeast Cedar Rapids, Iowa below.

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