The Depot” Cedar Rapids -A New Commercial Project for the NewBo District
There’s a new development on the horizon, and very much in the works, at the popular and upwardly mobile NewBo district of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Construction is already underway at The Depot, situated just behind the Newbo city market (12th Avenue and 4th Street, SE), with completion delivered over four phases across 2017 and into 2018.

What will The Depot consist of?

There are four buildings planned for the Depot project, providing a mix of facilities and units in keeping with the modern urban aesthetic and lifestyle of this increasingly appealing area of Cedar Rapids.

A multi-use development, the Depot will comprise a range of high spec residential, commercial, and retail units.


Designed to meet the needs of the modern urban professional, the Depot will have a series of one, two and three bedroom apartments available for rental.

Each apartment unit will offer a contemporary and open aesthetic, designed to the highest spec and kitted out with a range of modern facilities.

There’s sure to be a highly desirable aspect to the residential units, located as they are within the heart of the Newbo business community. Not only for the opportunity for luxury living but their downtown proximity ensures that they’re right among retail and entertainment outlets, and offering walking access to work for professionals in the area. Something sure to appeal in contrast to the transportation challenges faced by local commuters.


There’s going to be a variety of different commercial units available within the four buildings of the development. From small to large, the units are designed to attract everything from chic retail outlets, office, food, and entertainment. As well as being the ideal new location for start-ups, entrepreneurial ventures, and tech firms – in keeping with the modern commercial landscape of the region and wider Corridor zone.

About Newbo

Newbo as an area is a modern construct on the Cedar Rapids scene, a blend of local commerce and modern business enterprises. Heralded on its inception as the cornerstone of future Cedar Rapids’ socio-economic growth, the area has developed in recent years into a vibrant and increasingly popular part of the city. Newbo has been successful in blending the traditions of the region, from art heritage and culture, and the continued promotion of rural and farmer’s markets, with the modern embracing of technology and new innovation.

Making the new development of the Depot an ideal addition to an already expanding and modern area of the city and Iowa in general.

The concept of live, work, and play communities, in which all three facets of daily life are located right on your doorstep is a growing trend in city life across the USA, and the Depot represents a major new initiative for the Cedar Rapids and Iowa Corridor area.


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