A new Corridor destination is growing from the fertile grounds that once housed a beloved local gardening center. Peck’s Landing, a retail power center that covers nearly 21 acres, is sprouting up in place of Peck’s Green Thumb Nursery and Peck’s Flower and Garden Shop, which have stood at Edgewood Road and Blairs Ferry Road for decades and closed after its last growing season in summer 2017.

Plans for the Development of Peck’s Landing

Developer Joe Ahmann also spearheaded the creation of the Fountains commercial area across Blairs Ferry, which now features four finished buildings that are nearly filled. The fifth of six planned buildings is now under construction.

Peck’s Landing presents a natural progression from the Fountains project and will likely fill up just as quickly as its predecessor, with the initial phase encompassing 10 acres of retail developments facing Blairs Ferry NE. The development will include a planned 154,000 square feet of retail or mixed-use opportunities, including four retail buildings.

About the Area around Peck’s Landing

Peck’s Landing is bookended by growing areas of Cedar Rapids and Hiawatha, and both residential and commercial development are expanding rapidly around it. The surrounding area already includes retail, restaurants, a gas station, banks and other commercial developments that service two high schools and plenty of housing, so a retail center will fit right into this prime location. It’s situated in the northeast quadrant of Cedar Rapids, which has the highest household income in the metro area.

Peck’s Landing also benefits from close proximity to I-380, which means easy access for shoppers from other areas. Traffic counts are currently hovering around 26,000 vehicles per day and are expected to reach up to 35,300 in the near future, especially after Edgewood Road is expanded and nearby intersections are improved.

Why Locate My Business at Peck’s Landing?

Like the Fountains, Peck’s Landing is expected to attract high-end retail that will further cement the area’s reputation as a regional destination for shopping and fine dining. Any business with a unique offering that just can’t be found anywhere else would be a perfect fit for Peck’s Landing, as would lifestyle businesses like upscale restaurants, personal services like spas or salons, or apparel or gift stores. The development features a variety of lot sizes to choose from in addition to the space planned in its four retail buildings, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect space for your store or office. Build to suit is available as well, ensuring that your property meets your own strict specifications and delivers exactly what your business needs.

In addition to the variety of options to right-size your establishment, Peck’s Landing’s advantageous location offers business owners the chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new destination. Becoming an established fixture in the area before the development is complete allows your business to grow along with the development and the surrounding area, an important consideration when traffic counts are predicted to grow so quickly. Previously dedicated to agriculture, the outskirts of Cedar Rapids are swiftly transforming into bustling commercial and residential hubs thanks to the creative development that drives people to these once-lonely areas. Investigate Peck’s Landing and position your business for success.