Q4 Commercial Real Estate Presents Commercial Real Estate For Lease and Lots For Sale in Northeast Cedar Rapids, IA

Q4 Commercial Real Estate’s Craig Byers highlights commercial real estate opportunities in the northeast quadrant of Cedar Rapids, IA. 

(Craig) Hello everyone! I’m Craig Byers and I’m from Q4 Real Estate. Today I am standing at the intersection of Blairs Ferry Road and Edgewood Road on the northeast side of Cedar Rapids.

(Craig) The northeast quadrant remains one of the fastest growing quadrants in all of the city and it experiences some of the best demographics. Edgewood Road and Blairs Ferry Road has 35,000 cars traveling through this intersection daily and that number is only set to increase when Edgewood Road finally connects up to Boyson Road.

(Craig) I am here to tell you about the different commercial opportunities we have in this quadrant of town. If you are looking to build a brand new building on a pad ready site, we can accommodate that. We have ground as small as one acre lots all the way up to seven acre lots. We can accommodate tenants as small as around 2,000 to 2,500 square feet all the way up to about 25,000 square feet.

(Craig) If you are looking to relocate your retail business and want high visibility traffic, we can also accommodate that as well. Retail spaces are ranging anywhere from 1,500 square feet all the way to around 5,000 square feet.

(Craig) So if you want to be located in one of the fastest growing quadrants here in Cedar Rapids, please give me a call at 319-294-3339. Thank you!

You can watch the informational video, Commercial Real Estate For Lease and Lots For Sale In/Near Northeast Cedar Rapids, IA below.

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