Q4 Commercial Real Estate Presents Retail and Office Shell Space for Lease In NewBo District, Cedar Rapids, IA

Q4 Commercial Real Estate’s Craig Byers and Austin Geasland go live in NewBo District, Cedar Rapids, to highlight one first floor shell space remaining For Lease at the 329 Building.

This mixed-use development overlooking the NewBo City Market features commercial space on the main floor with luxury rental units above. Great location close to the Downtown District in a pedestrian/bike friendly area along the Cedar Valley Nature Trail system.

(Craig) Hey everyone! I am Craig Byers and this is Austin Geasland and we are with Q4 Real Estate. We are coming to you from the heart of the NewBo District neighborhood in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

(Craig) We are here to talk to you about a building that is over my right-hand shoulder, the 329 Building. This is a mixed-use building with first floor commercial and higher end residential units on top. We have just one commercial space left in this building.

(Craig) Austin why don’t you tell us about this space. (Austin) Sure the remaining space there is 4,122 square feet. It is the last remaining commercial vacancy in the building. We have two other commercial tenants in there currently and we are going to get this one filled up.

(Craig) What is the lease rate? (Austin) Lease rate during the first year is $8.50. The lease rate goes up to $10.15 for Year 2, and there will be rent increases thereafter.

(Craig) Perfect, that seems like a pretty competitive lease rate for this neighborhood.

(Craig) Speaking of the neighborhood are there any amenities that someone should know about? (Austin) Absolutely, you are in the NewBo city area. The NewBo market is right across the street, so you would be able to go enjoy all the amenities there when they are open. On the weekends there are a bunch of great entertainment venues around the area. It is a lively, youthful area.

(Austin) There are 500 residential apartments coming online within the next year or so. This is looking to be a real lively part of town and we are looking forward to getting this space filled up to contribute to that.

(Craig) We appreciate that and so you heard it here first, you have a very strong daytime and nighttime population. If you want your business to be in the heart of a growing neighborhood, please give Austin or myself a call at Q4 Real Estate at 319-294-3339. Thank you!

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