Q4 Commercial Real Estate Welcomes New Agent and Team Member Austin Geasland

Q4 Commercial Real Estate’s Craig Byers introduces new agent and team member, Austin Geasland.

(Craig) Hey everyone! This is Craig Byers with Q4 Real Estate and I am sitting here with our newest agent and member of our team, Austin Geasland. How you doing Austin? (Austin) Great, great. It’s good to be here.

(Craig) Why don’t you introduce yourself and tell them who you are and where you come from. (Austin) I’m Austin. I’m 22 years old and grew up down in Iowa City, about 30 minutes south. I came from the University of Iowa with a math and finance background. I decided to get my Real Estate License and began the process back when COVID started a few years ago. I finished up this fall and now I’m here. (Craig) Now you are hanging your license with us.

(Craig) Tell me, you’ve been in the industry working with us for the last three or four months. What have been your main takeaways as a new agent? (Austin) So my first few months here have really just been spent trying to familiarize myself with all steps of the process in leases and in sales. Familiarizing myself with all the terminology and its use in the commercial real estate space. (Austin) I’ve been like an information sponge trying to soak up as much as I can this first few months. (Craig) You’ve been doing a great job.

(Craig) What do you want out of this career and I always hate this question, but where do you see yourself in a couple years after working in this industry? (Austin) The sky is the limit. I have high expectations for myself and hold myself to a high standard. I want to be making sales just like these guys are and maybe one day become a developer or investor in some capacity. (Austin) I think the more that I can learn about the industry in this setting my opportunities will open up as time goes on. (Craig) Well perfect. Welcome to the team and anyone out there who wants to meet Austin or work with him, you are more than welcome to. He can be reached at 319-294-3339.

You can watch the informational video, Welcome Our Newest Team Member Austin Geasland below.

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