Retail Center to Come to the Peck’s Nursery Location

October, 2017

Hiawatha, Iowa – Plans to bring a new retail center to the former Peck’s Nursery location on Blairs Ferry Road have been announced and supported by the Hiawatha city council. Joe Ahmann, owner of Ahmann Companies, has a purchase agreement for 20.8 acres on Blairs Ferry Road NE near the border of Cedar Rapids and Hiawatha.

Peck’s Landing would initially include four buildings for retail on adjoining properties at 3950, 3980 and 3990 Blairs Ferry Road and additional office and residential construction possibly in the future,” said Craig Byers, the listing agent for the project. “You will see a continuation of retail that would service the immediate area with two high schools there and growing rooftops and single-family homes,” Byers said. “The reason Peck’s is such an attractive site is it sits smack in the middle of a rapidly growing area of Cedar Rapids and a rapidly growing area of Hiawatha.”

This land is seen as prime real estate and with the extension of Edgewood Road to Tower Terrace in the future, traffic counts will make this a highly visible intersection. Ahmann will complete enough of the extension to provide access to the main entrance of Peck’s Landing, but beyond that, the timeline of the full extension remains to be seen.

Compass Commercial Services, part of the Ahmann family of companies began construction earlier this month removing the original buildings and preparing the site. “We saved as many trees as we could, and had many of the remaining bushes, flowers and shrubs removed and moved to a new home,” said Ahmann. “Peck’s has been in this community for many years and we wanted to honor all of their hard work by saving or moving as many remaining plants as possible,” he said.

The first of the spaces will be ready for build out later in 2018.

About Ahmann Companies

Ahmann Companies is comprised of three companies within the commercial development industry. Fusion Architects, Compass Commercial Services and Q4 Real Estate work together to provide turnkey services for a true design-build option in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor. Ahmann Design is also part of the Ahmann Companies family and provides residential design services for  local, regional and national markets.

For more information on Peck’s Landing, contact:

Craig Byers, Agent
Q4 Real Estate
1950 Boyson Road
Hiawatha, Iowa 52233
Jason Rogers, Broker Associate
Q4 Real Estate
1950 Boyson Road
Hiawatha, Iowa 52233