Retail/Office Space For Lease and For Sale at Edgewood Town Center (ETC) Northeast Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Q4 Commercial Real Estate’s Craig Byers and Luke Rogers are on-site at Edgewood Town Centre, a retail and office shopping center on the intersections of Edgewood Road and Blairs Ferry Road in northeast Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Craig and Luke highlight retail/office shell space available for lease and for sale and explain why a business owner would purchase a space in a shopping center instead of leasing.

Hey everyone I’m Craig Byers and I’m standing here with Luke Rogers and we are with Q4 Real Estate. (Craig) Today we are at the Edgewood Road Town Centre (ETC) shopping center which is located on the corners of Edgewood Road and Blairs Ferry Road on the northeast side of Cedar Rapids.

(Craig) Today we are going to be talking about the retail building that is right behind us. So Luke, why don’t you tell us about this building. (Luke) Yeah Craig, the retail building behind us as someone honks their horn (both laugh) is known as Lot 8 of ETC. It is anchored by Fleet Farm, Dupaco, and Hy-Vee. (Craig) Perfect so this retail building is a little unique and may be a little different than other retail buildings that are on the market so why don’t you go ahead and tell us. (Luke) Yeah so Craig in this retail building the suites are offered for sale and for lease. This could appeal to a small business owner who is looking to own their own space and someone who may be inhibited by the cost to build now-a-days. As well as for sale as I said, you can lease this building with a typical triple net lease.

(Craig) Perfect so going back to the for purchase option, like you had mentioned, if you are a small retail user that might be in the 1,500 to 3,000 square foot range, economies of scale really don’t allow you to go out and build yourself a 3,000 square foot building. But if you do want to own the actual real estate asset this could be a perfect opportunity for you to come in and buy your individual retail suite and be part of a condominium association.

(Craig) If you have any other questions about this such as price per square foot or lease rate, please contact us at Q4 Real Estate at 319-294-3339. Thank you. (Luke) Thanks! Video pans to surrounding area.

You can watch the informational video, Edgewood Town Centre (ETC), Retail/Office Space For Lease and For Sale in northeast Cedar Rapids, Iowa below.

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